Gambling is...

Gambling is defined as

Any activity where a person risks an item of value, such as money or jewellery, on the outcome of an event that is determined mostly by chance.

Social Gambling is...

Social Gambling is

  • Gambling for fun with friends and/or family
  • Gambling within means
  • Gambling infrequently or during special occasions, with the ability to stop anytime
  • Gambling without causing harm to self and/or family 

Why do People Gamble?

People tend to gamble for different reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • For entertainment
  • To kill time
  • As a social activity with friends or family
  • As a means of making money
  • As a means to escape personal problems or to relieve feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, or loneliness

Types of Gambling in Singapore

There are many types of legalised gambling in Singapore.

  • Casino Gambling
  • 4D, Toto, Singapore Sweep
  • Sports Betting
  • Horse Racing
  • Jackpot

Other types of gambling include:

  • Cruise Ship Gambling
  • Mahjong
  • Online Gambling

Gambling Myths and Truths

Many people think that

  • Gambling is an easy way to make money
  • The outcome of the game can be predicted or controlled
  • The likelihood of winning is higher if you gamble more
  • Performing certain rituals or owning special objects will improve chances of winning
  • A “near-win” is a sign that a win is just around the corner