What is Casino Visit Limit?

Casino Visit Limit limits the number of visits per calendar month an individual can make to the casinos in Singapore. This is only available for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents.

Types of Casino Visit Limits:

1. Voluntary Visit Limit

A voluntary visit limit can be applied to curb an individual's excessive visits to the casino. To apply, please click here. [Note: this safeguard is applicable only to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents]

2. Family Visit Limit

Immediate family members can apply to limit his/her family member’s monthly casino visits. This is to protect the family from further harm caused by an individual’s gambling habits.

3. Third Party Visit Limit

NCPG may impose a visit limit on individuals who are casino patrons and are deemed to be financially vulnerable.

I Want to Increase/Decrease My Voluntary Visit Limit

To Increase/Decrease my Visits

1. Please call NCPG at 6354 8154.

2. A NCPG officer will contact you within 3 working days.

I Want to Limit My Visits

Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents may apply to limit their visits to the casino per month by applying for a Voluntary Visit Limit. The application is free and can be made in the following ways:


Online submission requires you to have a Singpass. Your Voluntary Visit Limit takes effect immediately upon your submission online. To apply, click here.
If you do not have a Singpass and require assistance on how to register your Singpass or create/reset your Singpass, you may refer to the Singpass website or contact the Singpass hotline at 6335 3533.

In person:

Apply in person at the NCPG* if you do not have a Singpass.

Alternatively, if you have a Singpass but require assistance on how to submit your application online, you may contact NCPG at 6354 8154 or walk in to NCPG office*. You may also wish to visit the Public Service Centre @ Our Tampines Hub (PSC@OTH) if this location is more convenient.

Your Voluntary Visit Limit takes effect immediately upon your submission online.

*Counter service is available on appointment basis only.  

Please note that if you have already exceeded the number of visits you are applying for in this calendar month, you will not be able to enter the casinos upon submission of your application for the rest of the calendar month.


​​​​​​​​​​To Check Status:

If you have already applied for a Voluntary Visit Limit, you may check your visit status here.

I Want to Revoke My Third Party Visit Limit

I Want to Revoke My Family Visit Limit

If the Family Visit Limit has been imposed for 1 year or more, you may call 6354 8154 to initiate your application to revoke.


Note: All applicants for revocation of Family Visit Limit must attend a hearing. The revocation application will be subject to the final decision of a Committee of NCPG Council members. ​​


Please refer here for the procedure.​​​​​​​

I Want to Limit a Family Member’s Visits

Family members can apply to limit the number of times a gambler in their family can visit the casinos in a calendar month.

Who can make this application?

  • Spouses
  • Children, including adoptive/step-children
  • Parents, including adoptive/step-parents
  • Siblings, including adoptive, step, or half-siblings

The application process takes approximately three weeks. Please refer here for the procedure.


I Want to Revoke My Voluntary Visit Limit

Your Voluntary Visit Limit will remain active until it is revoked. The revocation of Voluntary Visit Limit after one year is not automatic.

Steps to Revoke

1. To revoke, please call NCPG at 6354 8154. NCPG will refer you to an agency for problem gambling assessment (clinical assessment and counselling if necessary).

2. Applicant to contact the appointed agency to arrange for an appointment after three working days.

3. Applicant completes appointment at referred agency.

4. Applicant will be advised on the effective date of the revocation.​​


About Third Party Visit Limit

The Third Party Visit Limit is a measure targeted at protecting financially vulnerable locals who are visiting the casino. It is meant to help financially vulnerable individuals who visit the casino limit their gambling before it progresses to a gambling addiction and they become financially distressed.. 

For severe cases, NCPG may impose an exclusion order instead of a visit limit.

The Third Party Visit Limit is imposed by NCPG. There is no need to apply.​​​​

Click here​ to watch a short video on Third Party Visit Limit.​​​​​​​