What is Responsible Gambling

What is Responsible Gambling?

  • A set of collective actions by individuals, the community and gambling industry to minimise the harm of gambling in our society.

    • Individuals. Viewing gambling as a form of entertainment, being aware of the risks involved in gambling and being able to manage one’s gambling behaviour by:
      • Exercising self-control over gambling.
      • Balancing gambling with other activities.
      • Setting a limit to the frequency and time spent on gambling; and
      • Setting a budget for gambling.

    • Community and gambling industry. The shared commitment among gambling operators to provide gambling services in a responsible manner, in harmony with community expectations, such that the harm of gambling to the society is minimised.

      • Casino operators are mandated under the Casino Control Act to implement a responsible gambling programme that is approved by the Gambling Regulatory Authority. The responsible gambling requirements include, but are not limited to:
        • A system to allow patrons to set limits on their gambling expenditure or period of continuous gambling;
        • Patron education and assistance on responsible gambling;
        • Training of casino employees on responsible gambling measures;
        • Keeping records related to responsible gambling activities; and
        • Regular review of the responsible gambling programme.
      • Singapore Pools is licensed under the Gambling Control Act and is required to implement a Responsible Gambling Programme which includes:
        • Training of employees on responsible gambling measures;
        • Player education and assistance on responsible gambling;
        • Displaying responsible gambling messages and information on seeking assistance with problem gambling; and
        • Regular review of the responsible gambling programme.
      • In addition, for the provision of remote gambling services, Singapore Pools is to implement responsible gambling requirements such as:
        • Allowing players to set monthly expenditure and funding limits;
        • Providing alerts when player reaches 50%, 75% and 100% of the expenditure limit;
        • Allowing access to month-to-date and year-to-date information on betting activities and win/loss; and
        • Displaying time counter to show player how long he/she has been using the account.
      • With effect from November 2022, the new Gambling Control Act will also mandate private clubs with jackpot machines to implement responsible gambling measures such as:
        • Having a responsible gambling programme;
        • Providing patron education and assistance;
        • Ensuring documentation of responsible gambling activities.