When does gambling become a problem?

When does gambling become a problem?

Gambling can become highly addictive if not controlled. It becomes a problem when individuals experience negative impact to their personal life, family, studies or career and finances due to gambling. They are unable to stop even when faced with negative consequences of their gambling behaviour.

How can I tell if someone has a gambling problem?

There are many signs to help identity if you or your friend/family have a gambling problem. For example:

  • Betting with more money than planned
  • Repeatedly trying to win back losses
  • Lying about problems resulting from gambling
  • Missing work and family commitments to gamble
  • Thinking about gambling all the time
  • Tried reducing gambling but unable to do so
  • Having increased debt, unpaid bills or other financial trouble because of gambling

View here for more signs of gambling addiction. If you or your friend/family displays signs of problem gambling, seek help at National Problem Gambling Helpline 1800-6-668-668 or Webchat.