Apply Family Visit Limit

Apply Family Visit Limit

Individuals may apply to limit the visits on a family member whose gambling has caused harm to the family, to the casinos in a calendar month.


Who can apply?

  • Spouses
  • Children, including adoptive / step-children
  • Parents, including adoptive / step-parents
  • Siblings, including adoptive, step, half-siblings


Will the family member you are applying the Family Visit Limit (“Respondent”) on know who made the application?

Yes, the Respondent will be notified in all documentations of the process including the summons and outcome in which the Respondent will receive.


How do I apply? 

Please log in with your Singpass to proceed with your Family Visit Limit application.

If you require assistance on how to submit your application, you may contact NCPG at 6354 8154. You may also wish to contact NCPG’s appointed agency, Resilienz Clinic, at 6397 7300 if you are unable to make the application online.


What information do I need to provide?

You need to provide the personal particulars of yourself and the Respondent, such as, name, NRIC number, contact number and address. Additionally, if you have supporting documents regarding the gambling behaviour and the harm caused to the family, please get them ready so that you can submit during the application. The following are examples of documents which you can provide as evidence:

  • Casino entry levy tickets, casino membership cards, lottery tickets
  • Police reports on family violence
  • Bank statements, letter of demand, pawn tickets, credit card bills, I-Owe-You notes
  • Police report on harassment, loanshark notes / payment

Please ensure that the documents uploaded are in JPEG, JPG, PNG or PDF format and not exceeding 5 MB each.


What happens after I submit the application?

NCPG will contact you within 3 working days to follow up on your application.

You will also be required to attend a hearing where the Committee of Assessors (“COA”) formed by the NCPG will review your application. The hearing is usually scheduled 2 weeks from the application date.

A summons will be sent to the Respondent to attend the hearing. He/she may choose to consent to the order or object. If he/she chooses to object but does not attend the hearing, the COA may proceed to make a decision at the scheduled hearing.

After the hearing, you will be informed of the outcome of the application via courier by the next working day.


What happens when the Family Visit Limit is granted?

The Respondent’s visits per calendar month to the casinos will be limited to the number of visits decided by the COA.

If the Respondent, in any month, has made the maximum number of visits specified in the Family Visit Limit, the Respondent will be excluded from entering or remaining on, or taking part in any gaming on any casino premises for the remainder of the month.