NCPG Community Funding

NCPG Community Funding

What is it for?

To encourage the development of ground-up initiatives involving stakeholder and citizens, to co-deliver and co-create public education programmes on problem gambling.

Some examples of such programmes include:

  • Providing advertisement platforms or delivery channels to trade association membership, on problem gambling education content
  • Customising useful problem gambling prevention toolkits or collateral for employees
  • Starting a group of problem gambling prevention advocates to lookout for others within the community
  • Developing a roving exhibition on inspiring problem gambling recovery stories
Who can apply?

Organisations including social service agencies, social enterprises, non-profits (e.g. schools, self-help groups) and for-profits which are able to clearly demonstrate their ability to deliver and create programmes relating to problem gambling awareness.

Key target groups to reach out include: youths (on topics of gambling risks in online gaming, social and sports betting), working adults (on topics relating to casino and sports betting) and retirees (on topics relating to all forms of gambling).

Programmes must be secular in nature.

How much funding is available and for how long?

Interested parties may contact NCPG Secretariat ( to discuss funding cap and quantum.

The submitted funding proposal must provide clear programme cost breakdown and suggest co-funding by the organisation where possible. Where 100% full funding is sought, the organisation needs to provide comprehensive justification for the requirement.

Funding period may range from several months to a maximum of one year in the first instance. For multiple year funding application, individuals/ organisations need to propose feasible KPIs (outreach/outcome) and provide clear reports at the end of the first year for continuation of funding.

Why apply for funding?

Our national problem gambling framework, comprising regulatory and social safeguards set up by the government, preventive education and intervention efforts by NCPG and social service/healthcare partners have kept our problem gambling rates below 1%, which is one of the lowest globally. We would like to invite individuals and organisations who are keen to contribute to this cause to work with us.

How to apply?

Interested parties can submit their proposal via the NCPG website's Form SG funding application template.

When to apply?

Organisations can apply for the funding at any time of the year.

How long will it take for applicants to know the outcome?

Funding applicants will be notified within 4 weeks if their application is successful. During this period, NCPG may contact them for discussion of the proposed project.

If successful, a funding agreement between NCPG and the individual/ organisation will be prepared.

How will funding applications be evaluated?

NCPG will evaluate funding proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Proposal – objective, target audience, KPI, implementation plan and timeline
  • Track record/background of organisation to achieve the intended objectives
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Programme sustainability
How will the funds be disbursed?

In general, funding claims can only be made upon completion of each programme milestone. During the funding agreement drafting, NCPG will discuss with the applicant on clear deliverables for every milestone and how many milestones are feasible for the programme.

What is expected from programme partners during the funding period?

All approved programmes must designate a key project manager for NCPG to liaise with throughout the programme period.

A kick-off meeting between NCPG and the programme team shall take place within the first month of agreement signing, with clear timeline and deliverables being established. The project manager shall put in place regular project update meetings, schedules of activities and cater for NCPG’s programme audit requirements.

If programme partners are unable to meet deliverable milestones due to project delay or other factors, they shall be expected to inform NCPG in advance for both parties to determine the best resolution forward e.g. programme termination/delay etc.

If partners wish to apply for renewal of the programme after the initial funding period, is it possible?

If the programme partner wishes to put up a multi-year application, it shall propose clear KPIs to achieve towards the end of the first year for NCPG to consider if the programme may be continued. It should also propose outcome measurements where possible to aid in this renewal.

How often will NCPG conduct programme audits?

Depending on the programme duration and funding amount, NCPG shall agree with the programme partner upfront how frequently it will audit the activities.