Apply Self-Exclusion (For Organisations)

Organisations with a Corppass account can facilitate group Self-Exclusion application for their employees, members, or other individuals associated with the organisation to exclude them from one or more of the following gambling activities in Singapore (Note: Consent from individuals to be excluded is mandatory):

  • Casinos (Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands)
  • Jackpot machine rooms at private clubs
  • Singapore Pools online betting


Is there a minimum duration for the Self-Exclusion?

We require applicants to be on the exclusion for at least a year before they apply to revoke.


Is there a minimum age to apply for the Self-Exclusion?

Applicants will need to be at least 21 years of age to apply for the exclusion.


How do I apply?

  1. Download the Consolidated Application Form for Self-Exclusion and proceed to get the name, NRIC/FIN and signature of the applicants of the Self-Exclusion.
  2. Authorised Personnel can log in with their Singpass and upload the Consolidated Application Form. (Note: Organisations must first assign the e-Service “MSF IVEMS" to their Authorised Personnel at the Corppass website before they can submit the application.) 

Please ensure that the form(s) uploaded is in JPEG, JPG, PNG or PDF format and not exceeding 5 MB each.


What happens after I submit the application?

The Self-Exclusion takes immediate effect after submission and will remain in force until it is revoked by the Council.

The Applicants named in the application will be banned from the following (whichever is applicable):

  • Entering or remaining on all casino premises; or taking part in any gaming in all casino premises; and/or
  • Entering or remaining on all jackpot machine rooms1 in private clubs except to perform work2 within any of those rooms; or taking part in any gaming in all jackpot machine rooms; and/or
  • Accessing Singapore Pools account-related3 services if you are an existing account holder; and opening an account subsequently if you are not an existing account holder.


Can the applicants revoke their exclusion once they fulfil the one-year criteria?

Please click on the links below to find out more about the revocation procedures.

Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents Self-Exclusion revocation

Foreigner Self-Exclusion revocation


1“Jackpot machine rooms” refer to gaming machine rooms under the Gambling Control Act.

2This refers to the scope of “defined work” under the Casino Control Act.

3This refers to general remote gambling under the Gambling Control Act.