Apply to Enter Casinos for Work

Apply to Enter Casinos for Work

Individuals who are under Exclusion by Law may apply to NCPG to have the exclusion lifted if they are required to enter the casinos for work purposes. The Exclusion by Law will remain in force until the individual is no longer on any of the below social assistance programmes or schemes prescribed in the Casino Control Act:

  • Receiving any Government financial assistance such as ComCare Long Term (Public Assistance), Medium Term or Short Term Assistance
  • Living in subsidised HDB rental flats
  • Receiving legal aid under the Legal Aid Bureau
  • [from 1 Apr 2024] Receiving Government-funded criminal defence aid from either the Public Defender’s Office or under the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme administered by Pro Bono SG
  • Undischarged bankrupt


Is there a limit to the duration approved?

Typically, the duration of each approval is 6 months. If you require an extension, you may apply to have the duration extended.


How do I apply?

Please log in with your Singpass to proceed with your Enter Casinos for Work application.

If you require assistance on how to submit your application, you may contact NCPG at 6354 8154.


What information do I need to provide?

Please get ready the following documents to upload during the application if you have:

  • Proof of Employment
  • Letter from Human Resource specifying your need to enter the casino premises for work purposes

Please ensure that the documents uploaded are in JPEG, JPG, PNG or PDF format and not exceeding 5 MB each.


What happens after I submit the application?

You will receive a notification on the outcome within 5 working days from the application date.