The NCPG Visit Limit e-Services will not be available on 24 March 2023 (Friday) from 12am to 3am. We appreciate your patience and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Declare Indebtedness / Non-indebtedness

Third Party Exclusion and Visit Limit

Third Party Exclusion and Visit Limit are orders imposed by the NCPG to protect financially vulnerable citizens and permanent residents who gamble at the local casinos or who has a poor credit record.

Please watch the below video to learn more about Third Party Exclusion and Visit Limit.


How to declare indebtedness / non-indebtedness?

If you have received a letter from NCPG requesting for information and documents on your financial status, please log in with your Singpass to proceed with the declaration of indebtedness / non-indebtedness submission.

If you require assistance to submit, you may contact NCPG at 6354 8154.